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Horseback Riding Vacation at Hacienda Andalucia, Riviera Maya, Mexico

2017-06-27T11:45:24+00:00September 29th, 2010|Equestrian Lodging, Horse Ranches & Equestrian Centers|

Horseback Riding Vacation at Hacienda Andalucia While  guests of Hacienda Tres Rios resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico we were treated to an afternoon of horseback riding at Hacienda Andalucia Equestrian and Polo Club and a visit to the stables of  Hacienda La Esperanza.  Hacienda Andalucia is not a tourist’s horseback riding vacation on the [...]

Timberline Tours Horseback Riding Vacation, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

2017-06-27T11:45:25+00:00September 15th, 2010|Horse Ranches & Equestrian Centers|

Cory and Nancy Brown on a horseback riding vacation to the Little Beehive in Banff National Park, Lake Louise Horseback Riding Vacation, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada Rain clouds hang overhead, poised to follow along on our horseback riding vacation in Lake Louise, Canada. A pack of tail-wagging Jack Russell Terriers greet us, along with a [...]

Horseback Riding Vacation in Alesund, Norway

2017-06-27T11:45:25+00:00September 8th, 2010|Equestrian Photography|

Fjord horse, Alesund, Norway © 2015 Nancy D. Brown Norwegian Fjord Horses in Alesund, Norway As the MS Midnatsol pulled into port at Alesund, Norway, I could feel the excitement building inside me. I was traveling along the Norwegian coastline with the Hurtigruten cruise ship and Alesund was the second port of call [...]