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Heat Holders sock review

2017-06-27T11:45:09+00:00November 21st, 2012|Reviews, The Tack Box|

A cold winter is just around the corner, but less than ideal weather conditions should not stop anyone from horseback riding. Heat Holder socks can go a long way to ensure your feet stay warm while riding. I find my feet are often the part of my body that get the coldest;  Heat Holders may [...]

How to Deal with Horseback Riding and Hip Replacement

2017-06-27T11:45:09+00:00November 14th, 2012|Horse News|

Equestrian Writer Nancy Brown on a cattle drive at High Lonesome Ranch in DeBeque, Colorado. During my elementary school years, I remember taking my horse swimming while riding bareback.  I remember standing my horse, walking away from my horse, and taking a running start, vaulting onto my horse, while he patiently stood still. [...]