Top Western Towns

//Top Western Towns

Top Western Towns

cowboy, horse, Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado tops the list of Western Towns

What makes a true western town? Is it the cowboys that populate the town, the western-inspired architecture or rodeos that draw folks in? In my youth, our small Northern California town had a hitching post for our horses outside the Taco Bell. While the hitching post is long gone, I thought that was pretty cool.

According to True West Magazine, a town must exemplify the dedication and spirit of the American West to make their top ten list. Below are the Top Ten True West Towns of 2015 according to the magazine. I have yet to go on a horseback riding vacation to any of these western towns!

bronc rider, cowboy, Amarillo, Texas, rodeo

Bronc riding in Amarillo, Texas

Top Western Towns

1. Durango, Colorado

2. Great Falls, Montana

3. Dodge City, Kansas

4. Amarillo, Texas

5. Fort Smith, Arkansas

6. Silver City, New Mexico

7. Elko, Nevada

8. Scottsbluff, Nebraska

9. Pinedale, Wyoming

10. Santa Clarita, California

Santa Clarita, California, cowboy, horse

Santa Clarita, California cowboy. Photo: Esteban Pallares


Have you visited any of these western towns for a horseback riding vacation? Did your favorite western town make the list? What do you think makes a true west town? Leave a comment below, as I’m looking to add places to go horseback riding this year.

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