Sunriver Resort – A Horseback Riding Vacation in Central Oregon

Horseback Riding Vacation at Sunriver, Oregon
Horseback Riding Vacation at Sunriver, Oregon

Dust rises up from the meadow as the horses gallop by – unencumbered by saddle and bridle. The horses have given horseback riding vacations to guests of Sunriver Resort and are enjoying a well deserved night off.

My favorite time at Sunriver Lodge is at sunset when the horses are running free, bucking and kicking up dust.

Kendall & Nancy Brown's horseback riding vacation
Kendall & Nancy Brown’s horseback riding vacation

Our family has been vacationing in Sunriver, Oregon for at least fourteen years. I can say this with certainty because our son learned to walk while we were on vacation at Sunriver. The picture that I’ve included of my daughter and I horseback riding was taken in 2001 when she was nine years old. I’ve since learned that she only went on these horseback riding vacations to make me happy. It appears that I am the only horse lover in the house.

Families looking for an adventure or horseback riding vacation in Bend, Oregon’s high desert should look no further than Sunriver Resort. Plenty of lodging options are available from vacation rentals at Mountain Resort Properties to Bennington Properties or the lodge itself.

Sunriver, Oregon horsebackriding vacation
Sunriver, Oregon horsebackriding vacation

Sunriver Resort has miles of flat bike riding trails along the Deschutes River in addition to horseback riding vacations, pony rides, swimming, golfing and white water rafting. In the winter, Sunriver transforms into a winter wonderland with downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor, one of the top ten snowboarding mountains and horse drawn sleigh rides in the snow.

Running Horses photo by Nancy D. Brown, Horseback Riding Vacation photo courtesy of Sunriver Resort Stables.

Sunriver Resort Stables (541) 593-6995

Sunriver Resort 17600 Center Dr. Sunriver, Oregon 97707

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  1. Is the fact that the trails are multiple use (horses, bikes, etc) a problem? What’s your preference; Spring or Summer?

  2. @Joann
    The trails are not for multiple uses. Horses ride on the dirt trails and bicyclists ride on paved trails.
    As for the best time of year to visit. The most dependable weather in central Oregon is the summer, thus it is considered “high season” in July and August. The fall is a beautiful time to visit if school schedules aren’t an issue for you.

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