Mister Ed Horseback Riding into Movie Theaters

//Mister Ed Horseback Riding into Movie Theaters

Mister Ed Horseback Riding into Movie Theaters

Mister Ed the talking horse takes a horseback riding vacation to the movie theater

Mister Ed the talking horse takes a horseback riding vacation to the movie theater

Talking Horse Mister Ed coming to Hollywood

Rumor has it that Hollywood will be turning one of my favorite childhood television shows into a movie. If you are a horse lover, then you probably remember a talking horse named Mister Ed. He was an outspoken palomino who spoke only to his owner, Wilbur Post.

Mister Ed Rode the Black and White Screen from 1961- 1966

The black and white television show aired between 1961 and 1966 and featured a palomino gelding by the name of Bamboo Harvester. Mister Ed, as he was known to his TV fans, was part American Saddlebred and part Arabian. Before his career in television, Bamboo Harvester could be found in the show ring and on the parade route.

While no director has been announced, the film rights to Mister Ed have been purchased by Studio Fox 2000.

Alan Young goes on a horseback riding vacation with Mister Ed

Alan Young goes on a horseback riding vacation with Mister Ed

How did Mister Ed talk?

Back in the day, Mister Ed’s co-star, Alan Young, was sworn to secrecy about how they trained Mister Ed to move his lips. Mister Ed’s television producer didn’t want his children viewers to be disappointed that the horse could not really talk. Instead, Young started circulating a rumor that peanut butter was placed in Mister Ed’s mouth to make the talking horse move his lips. In actuality, the horse’s trainer moved his lips with a nylon thread that went through the horse’s mouth. Being a smart horse, Mister Ed learned to move his lips when his equine trainer tapped his hoof. Finally, according to a 2009 interview with Alan Young, the talking horse began to move his lips when Young stopped talking.  As one of those impressionable TV viewers, I’m glad I didn’t know the secret behind how Mister Ed moved his lips.

Were you a fan of the television show Mister Ed?

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  1. Brenda Du Faur January 12, 2012 at 11:55 am

    I love Mr. Ed very much.

  2. Brenda Du Faur January 12, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    I wish that they had given a wonderful funeral celebration for Mr. Ed when he died, like they do for great race horses. Mr. Ed deserved that kind of homage tremendously. And would have loved it (as Alan Young himself said he would have in an interview.) Some of the great race horse memorial celebrations that the Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky give are incredible. They are great great honorings of these wonderful equines whom so many many people love and look up to. It is a terrible shame that there was not a good-bye episode for Mr. Ed. They were just unceremoniously cut off. That’s awful. Great ballerinas have last performances of great beauty and ceremony. After their performances, there are roses thrown on the stage and other wonderful things to honor their great career befor that final curtain call. Mr. Ed deserved a great curtain call as much as any other great performer. Mr. Ed was an incredible animal who gave great joy to millions of us and still does! Mr. Ed deserved to be honored then and Mr. Ed deserves to be honored now. What a wonderful, wonderful horse! I very much loved the cast of Mr. Ed but, in fact, I think Mr. Ed should have received an Emmy award for his incredible television performing achievements! And maybe even a Lifetime Achievement award!

  3. Brenda Du Faur January 12, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Oh Yes! Please give us a movie of Mr. Ed! And even another television series! I work in the thoroughbred industry and have been close to the wonderful creatures called horses for many years. I would so so so much love to write for a Mr. Ed movie or for a renewed Mr. Ed show on television! I know just how I would want to do it! As a matter of fact, there is a gorgeous palomino gelding named Jackson who ponies the thoroughbreds in the racing stable I worked in for many years before the racing stable I am presently in. So many times I came up with story-lines for Palomino Jackson when I was near him and taking care of him in the racing stable. There could be so many story lines to keep a new Mr. Ed television show fun, wonderful, and interesting and also there could be a wonderfully entertaining and clever and humorous plot line for a Mr. Ed movie. Please television executives, hear my plea! I know it would be a hit!!!! Let’s do something together!!!!

  4. Nancy D. Brown January 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Good luck with the Mr. Ed story lines. I, for one, would love to see a new tv show on Mr. Ed.

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