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nancy d brownMany of my high school friends don’t remember me coming to watch the football games. I was the girl that would take her final exams early to leave for the show circuit. I remember the time I convinced my parents to let me take a bus from my home town to Fresno. I had arranged for my horse trainer to pick me up at the bus station, only they forgot and cell phones didn’t exist back then. Armed with a backpack and sleeping bag I was pegged for a runaway and asked by a “John” if I want to join his stable. I’ve been traveling ever since, but my days at the Greyhound bus station are long behind me.

I now prefer a vacation at a dude ranch, rather than sleeping in the tack room at some fairgrounds. What hasn’t changed is my thirst for adventure on the back of a horse. At Writing Horseback, I have combined my travel writing career with my passion for horses. Here, I’ll share my tips on creating the ideal horseback riding vacation. Mosey on over to my contact page if you’d like to get in touch and work together.


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