Build a Horse at Build a Bear Workshop

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Hearts & Horses Riding Club

Some people look back on their childhood with memories of Barbie dolls and GI Joe. I grew up collecting Breyer horses and my own trophy’s and ribbons won from many horse shows on my Quarter Horses. My first horse was a silver buckskin named Cricket, but my favorite horse of the three that I owned was a Palomino Quarter Horse named Pampa. As a young girl, I would spend hours brushing his golden coat and shimmering blonde mane and tail. Now your children, friends or grandchildren can have their own horse and you won’t have to pay a penny to feed it. Build-A-Bear Workshop has introduced the Horses and Hearts Riding Club Collection.

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Build a Bear Palomino Quarter Horse

All I can say to the folks at Build a Bear is, “what took you so long to build a horse?” My daughter is now 24 years old. I would have paid $25 for her to have built a horse at Build a Bear Workshop years ago! We’ll, better late than never, right? Now boys and girls are able to build a bay Thoroughbred horse and a Palomino American Quarter Horse at Build a Bear stores. I love that they describe the Palomino horse as great for trail riding and gentle in nature while the Thoroughbred horse is full of courage and spirit.

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Build a Bear Bay Thoroughbred

Both horses sell for a suggested retail of $25, not including optional accessories such as a stable, trough, bridle, blanket (available in three colors) and food. The horses mane and tail can actually be brushed and the company sells a horse brush and hair extensions. Hair extensions for horses? What will they think of next? If you are able to make your horse-crazy daughter happy with this purchase, hold off on a real, live horse – these Build a Bear horses are much more economical and make great gifts!

This post was written by equestrian and horse lover Nancy D. Brown. If the folks at Build a Bear read this article, I’d like a Palomino American Quarter Horse please!