Cavalia: Magic Between Horse and Rider

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Cavalia makes magic in San Jose, California

Horse lovers know that a good horse and rider bond is magical. From a flawless dressage routine, to a penalty-free stadium jumping round or a perfect day out on the trail, horse and rider become one with each other in the show ring or hanging out in the pasture.  This magic between humans and horses is captured in Cavalia, a moving, musical tribune to horses and their relationship with man and woman.

cavalia, horseback show,
Cavalia, ballet on horseback. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

Cavalia; ballet on horseback

Whether you are an accomplished equestrian or simply love watching and being around horses, you’ll undoubtedly sit up taller in the saddle and straight in your seat after watching Cavalia. The men and women of the horse show ride bareback, as well as English in a dream-like ballet of sorts with aerialists leaping over the backs of horses.

cavalia, roman riding, horseback riding
Cavalia roman riding is not your ordinary horseback riding

Cavalia roman riding

Have you driven a horse carriage before? You know what’s it’s like to feel all of that horse power in your finger tips. Imagine harnessing that energy will riding roman style on top of the horses! Cavalia means magic and trust between horse and rider.

Cavalia, laura baubry, horse show
Laura Baubry and Ole bond after Cavalia’s horse show in San Jose, California.

Cavalia horses treated with care

It was my daughter, the non-equestrian in the family, who asked if the horses were treated well in this type of exhibition riding. She wondered if these Cavalia horses wouldn’t prefer to be roaming around a grassy pasture rather than cantering indoors under an enormous tent.

I asked some of the Cavalia crew what the work conditions of the horses were like. The company offers an equestrian package with front row seating and  “behind-the-scenes” tour of the stable after the horse show. They are proud of the quality of their 49 horses and are as concerned about the proper footing for the horses as jockeys surveying the conditions of the track before a horse race.

cavalia, horse show, cavalia behind the scenes
Cavalia horses like Tad receive plenty of tender loving care before, during and after the horse show. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

Social Media

To find out what’s happening with Cavalia, follow them on Twitter. For all things travel related, follow Nancy D. Brown on Twitter, as well as Ridinghorseback on Twitter.

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Cavalia Inc. operates two separate touring shows, Cavalia and Odysseo, both of which marry the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects.

All photos and YouTube video courtesy of Nancy D. Brown. I was a guest of Cavalia for social media day.

cavalia behind the scenes, cavalia horses
Meet the horses of Cavalia during a behind-the-scenes tour of the stable after the show. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

If You Go:
Ticket prices range from $44.50 – $239.50
Special pricing for children (2 – 12), juniors (13 – 17), seniors (65+) and groups
Look for the White Big Top
301 Atmel Way (at the intersection of Highway 101 and 87 East)
San Jose, CA 95131

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