Country Music Cowgirl Templeton Thompson When I Get That Pony Rode

Templeton Thompson & horse
Country Music Cowgirl Templeton Thompson

What is it about girls and horses? That’s what Templeton Thompson wants to know.  The country music cowgirl from Texas began horseback riding at a young age and claims she was “country when country wasn’t cool.”

With her latest single, When I Get That Pony Rode,  rising in GAC’s Daily Countdown, Templeton is all about horses. In fact, Templeton does all her own horseback riding in the music video When I Get That Pony Rode.

Templeton owns two horses. She calls them her Rockstars, her mare Jane and gelding Beau.  She takes a horseback riding vacation at her farm located in Nashville, Tennessee.


 Horse crazy cowgirl Templeton Thompson

“You could say I’ve been ‘horse crazy’ and ‘riding horses’ since before I can even remember, said Thompson. “My Mom rode horses up until she was eight months pregnant with me. A few weeks after I was born, she made a little papoose like sling and we rode all over the ranch in Texas. I’ve been in LOVE with HORSES my whole life.”

Breyer model horses

What horse crazy little girl doesn’t collect Breyer model horses? I can live without my blue ribbons and sterling silver platters from all those horse shows, but I really wish I’d kept my Breyer horses.  Fun Fact: Templeton’s horse, “Jane” also achieved celebrity status when Breyer- maker of collectable model horses- created a model of “Jane” which was packaged with Templeton’s music and sold nationwide.

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Templeton Thompson laughing
Templeton Thompson enjoys a laugh during the filming of music video “When I Get That Pony Rode.”

When I Get That Pony Road Music Video

Templeton Thompson, an avid equestrian, partnered with Cindy Meehl (the award-winning director of Buck, the film) to make the music video for Templeton’s song, released in April 2013.

Here are some “behind the scenes” photos from the making of Thompson’s music video.

horse rearing
Filming of “When I Get That Pony Rode” music video.

Connect with Country Music Cowgirl Templeton Thompson

TempletonTMusic is on Twitter and follow me on Twitter @Nancydbrown and @Ridinghorseback for all things related to travel and horseback riding vacations!

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