Country Singer Jaida Dreyer Rides Half Broke Horses

"Jaida Dreyer Half Broke Horses"
Country singer Jaida Dreyer has always had horses in her life

Anyone that loves horses will tell you; once you’ve fallen in love with horses, there’s no turning back. Horses capture your heart, as they did to country music artist Jaida Dreyer.

The self-proclaimed “horse-crazy” little girl was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and raised in the one stop sign town of Latimer, Iowa…population 303. Her daddy worked the grain elevator, while her momma trained horses.

Horse crazy Jaida Dreyer

Naturally, Jaida gravitated toward horses and became an accomplished equestrian at the tender age of 5. Like me, Jaida began showing competitively in her youth and was bringing home more blue ribbons and belt buckles than she knew what to do with. At 13 she because a professional rider and was involved with Ponies of America (POA) the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and the American Paint Horse Association (APHA.)

When asked how music came into her life, Dreyer replied, “Early as I can remember,” she says, “from church to school honor choirs to singing along with the radio trying to stay awake on long-haul drives cross-country to horse shows, it was always just there.

"Jaida Dreyer"
Jaida Dreyer on a horseback riding vacation in Maui, Hawaii

Equestrian turned singer/song writer

After her parents divorced, Jaida put on her “gypsy boots” and traveled ranch to ranch, cross country, following her mother to her next horse training job.

At the age of 17 Jaida retired from the show horse arena, due to injuries, trading in her saddle for song writing.

At 18, with her mother recently diagnosed with breast cancer, they left the horse breeding business and headed for Music City.

Jaida Dreyer debut album

With her debut album, I Am Jaida Dreyer, rising in the charts and the recent release of the single “Half Broke Horses,” Jaida has left her Bryer plastic horses behind in the toy box, but she will never turn her back on horses.

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