Cowgirl Christy Lewis

christy lewis, santa clarita cowboy festival
Trick roping with Emily & Christy Lewis at the Santa Clarita Public Library. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

John Wayne and Roy Rogers may be well known in the cowboy world, but Actress Dale Evans and Sharpshooter Annie Oakley were just as important to the western frontier. It’s true, I’m a feminist, so I like to tip my cowboy hat to cowgirls whenever I get the chance. Today I’m giving a hat tip to Christy Lewis of Agua Dulce, California. A third generation western performer, Lewis is the oldest of six children all involved in the equestrian world.

She’s held the international record five years in a row for the women’s largest spinning loop. At 63 feet, that’s a mighty big spinning loop. The trick roper uses a cotton rope known as a Samson spot cord.

I had the pleasure of meeting Christy Lewis and her daughter Emily during an afternoon of Cowboy Adventuring at the Santa Clarita Public Library. The event of trick roping and whip cracking fun was free for the community in conjunction with the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival held annually in April in Old Town Newhall, California.

christy lewis, santa clarita, cowgirl
Cowgirl Christy Lewis performs at the Santa Clarita Library. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

Christy and her daughter had the kids (and parents) thoroughly entertained with their cowgirl tricks. “Spinning a rope is like mixing pancakes,” said Lewis. The hondo gives the rope extra weight.

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Article and photos by Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown.