Horse Themed Ornaments for your Car or Mailbox

Show your love of horses with pewter ornament

Do you have one of those bumper stickers or license plate frames that says, “my other car is a horse?”  Horse owners and lovers are proud of our bond with horses. As a youngster, I drew horse heads on all of my notebooks and collected model horses and horse postcards. Now, I go on horseback riding vacations as often as possible to share my love of horses with kindred spirits.  The folks at sent me one of their horse head ornaments to share with my readers.

race horse
For your next horseback riding vacation, bring along the race horse.

Trucks and horse trailers

If you own a horse, there is a high likelihood that you own a horse trailer, as well as a truck to haul that horse and pull the trailer. If you want to let the world know that you own or simply like horses, why not attach an auto grill ornament to the front of your truck?  Grillies are a hybrid of the hood ornaments popularized between the 1930s and 1950s.

Cast in solid metal with a protective Pewter finish, there are several Grillies that celebrate the horse lover, horse race enthusiast, equestrian or cowboy.

horse head
Dress up your mailbox with a horse head ornament

Horse head mailbox ornament

For those of us who ride motorcycles or have spouses who do not believe in grill or hood ornaments or bumper stickers on vehicles, I found a new use for the horse themed ornament. My metal horse head spruces up my mailbox and was very easy to attach.

horse head
Grillie horse head mail box ornament

Where to Buy:

The horse themed ornaments retail for $49.99 each.

Grillie supplied me with the horse’s head ornament for review.  Hunter jumper photo courtesy Photo of horse head on mailbox from Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown

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