Horseback Adventures in Chisana, Alaska

Amber-Lee Dibble
Amber-Lee Dibble on a horseback riding vacation in Chisana, Alaska.

I was asked what it is like to be an Outfitter in Alaska. It is both the hardest and the most rewarding profession, to be had, I believe. (Have you seen my office? All 13.2 million acres of it?) As I am not sure what that means to you, reading this, I will tell you what it means to me, every day, every experience, every guest.

Chisana, Alaska horseback riding vacations

There is nothing, of course, that compares to riding through untouched, unspoiled wilderness and all the wild Alaska has to offer. Except for leading others on horseback riding vacations to similar experiences. Seeing the land, rivers, glaciers and majestic mountains inspire others is a wonderful feeling.

Watching the people you lead, watch the incredible wildlife Alaska offers, and being witness to the pure joy and amazement on their faces, fills me with such satisfaction and contentment as well as their own joy and amazement, each time.

Horseback riding lets you see Alaska in a unique way

Horseback riding vacations with Pioneer Outfitters

Pioneer Outfitters has been leading people safely on horseback riding vacations into the wild of the remote interior of Alaska’s Wrangell-St. Elias National Park since 1924. The family and guides have lived here, in Chisana, year round, since it’s beginning.

Our horses are range horses and live wild when they are not our constant companions. These horses know the land, the rivers, the marshes, the mountains, the bogs and the wild critters even better than we do. They are our partners and they are the real heroes in making dreams come true.

Pioneer Outfitters
Pioneer Outfitters has over eight decades of guiding people through a largely unseen part of Alaska.

Adventures on horseback for every riding level

From novice riders to the most experienced cowboys (and gals!) our horseback adventures are designed and created to afford every comfort, delight and safety measure to each guest on each adventure. Single equestrians, families and groups of friends are welcome to explore, experience and enjoy all Alaska has to offer with Pioneer Outfitters professional guides by their sides during the entire horseback riding vacation.

The horseback adventures range from sweet and short five day riding excursions, to specific places time-restricted visitors may enjoy. We might visit the Last Historic Gold Rush site, where gold is still mined and panned and explore the Chisana Glacier.  We’ll photograph wild critters on the big bar beneath, fish for trout on the high mountain lakes and observe the spiritual retreats used by the shamans and medicine men who made their homes near by. Longer adventures are available for those who wish to experience more of Alaska’s wonders and beauty on horseback.

Pioneer Outfitters
Pioneer Outfitters is located in Wrangell St. Elias National Park in Alaska and is only accessible by small aircraft.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Of all the visitors to Alaska, only a very few ever see the real last frontier. They stand in Anchorage and look at the mountains with houses climbing up the sides, in awe, never knowing the peaks of those mountains is Chisana’s ground elevation. They ride in buses and snap photos that can be seen in so many other’s albums of animals so used to being fed and eating trash and never understand the immense and powerful wonders that brought the pioneers to our great state, so long ago.

Experience wild Alaska

There is something old and wild to Alaska’s wilderness, that has to be experienced and witnessed to make the words I’ve written come alive for you. The history of the area is one of hardship and the heart and soul of the men and women who struggled so hard over treacherous glaciers and across icy waters to reach. That magnificence still remains, calling to adventurers and people searching for what is so hard to find in today’s world.

Standing at the top of the mountains, looking out as far as your eyes can see, there are only more mountains, more glaciers and rivers, forests and land. Untouched, unspoiled, and there, for you to explore, absorb into your soul and memories and remember in all the years to come.

That is what it is like for me, as an Alaska Outfitter, being part of making dreams come true.

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This is a guest post from Amber-Lee Dibble.

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