Horseback Riding in Florence, Oregon

Wondering where to go horseback riding in Florence, Oregon? If you want to go horse riding on the Oregon Coast, in forests and dunes, read my review. What I love about riding horseback with C & M Stables on the beach in Florence is the feeling of wide open spaces. The horses are treated well, the guests are looked after and the central Oregon coast is beautiful all year long. This is a beach ride not to be missed on the Oregon coast.

Horseback riding on the central coast in Florence, Oregon

What to expect horseback riding on the Oregon coast?

Located on the beach in Florence, southwest of Portland, Oregon, C & M Stables is easily accessible on Highway 101. Our group of equestrians ranged from beginning riders, to intermediate riders and advanced. Similar to high desert trail rides in Central Oregon, central Oregon coast rides offer varying degrees of weather. To be safe, dress in layers for horseback riding on Baker Beach.

Leave baseball hats, large cameras and backpacks at home or in the trunk of your car. The Oregon coast can be windy at times and no one wants to retrieve your lost hat or dropped camera; especially when on horseback.

Wear close-toed shoes or boots; ideally wear cowboy boots or boots with a heel. This prevents your foot from sliding through the stirrups. Bring sunglasses, ideally with a strap.

C & M Stables will match you with a well-trained horse to suit your horseback riding level of experience. As with any trail ride, it’s best to not exaggerate your riding abilities.

A mounting platform is available for riders to easily mount your horse. As a rider with two hip replacements, I always take advantage of a mounting block; it’s also easier on the horses back. Now lets head out on the trail.

Horseback riding through Siuslaw National Forest in Florence, Oregon
Horseback ride through Siuslaw National Forest

Horseback Ride in Siuslaw National Forest in Florence, Oregon

What’s it like to go horseback riding in the Siuslaw National Forest in Florence, Oregon? One of the riders in my group said it was like riding a horse through a magical forest. The landscape is a brilliant shade of green, moss-covered trees flank the trails and the air is clean and crisp. Fill up your lungs with the forest air as you ride along on horseback. Your shoulders will immediately begin to relax as you go forest bathing on horseback.

What is exactly is forest bathing? The Japanese term “Shinrin-Yoku” is loosely translated to mean a slow walk in the forest. In this case, the forest walk is on horseback and it is a little magical. What I find unique about this trail and beach ride is the strikingly different topography. To my knowledge, this is one of the few stables offering forest, dune and beach rides on the central Oregon coast.

A wrangler leads guests through the Siuslaw National Forest on horseback in Florence, Oregon.
Ride horseback through a magical forest on the Oregon coast

Will we gallop on the beach in Florence, Oregon?

There are several different trail rides offered at C & M Stables in Florence, Oregon. The stable offers beach rides, dune rides, sunset rides and a morning adventure ride. Dune rides are walking only due to the soft, shifting sand. Beach rides offer varying degrees of time on Baker Beach and are walk and trot.

Morning adventure rides are for advanced equestrians looking for an accelerated pace. Walking, trotting and cantering on the beach is permitted with the approval of your trail guide. There is truly something special about galloping on the Oregon coast with the sound of the waves crashing in the distance.

Even if this is your first time horseback riding or it has been several years since you’ve gotten back on a horse, this ride will bring a smile to your face.

Appaloosa horse, Ace, on Baker Beach in Florence, Oregon.
Oregon coast beach rides in Florence

What are the horses like at C & M Stables?

Owner Jeff Chastain opened C & M Stables on April 1, 1981. The stables offer 40-50 horses in Florence, Oregon depending on the season. Rides depart daily, rain or shine, unless the weather conditions are deemed unsafe.

The horses range from spirited to old and reliable. The head wrangler is very good at matching a rider with a particular horse. Ace was my horse. An Appaloosa with a colorful spotted coat. He was willing to trot ahead of the pack. He was not willing to venture close to the ocean.

The guides take special care to take pictures with the scenic ocean background behind your horse. Afterall, if your horseback ride isn’t posted on Facebook or Instagram, did it really happen?

Equestrian travel expert Nancy D. Brown riding Ace, an Appaloosa horse with a spotted coat. She is walking her horse on Baker Beach in Florence, Oregon.
Equestrian travel writer Nancy D. Brown riding Ace, an Appaloosa

What makes this Oregon beach ride unique?

I’ve had the privilege of riding horseback on the beach in Ireland, the island of Curacao, Pico Island and São Miguel in Portugal, several islands in Hawaii and beyond. Each beach ride creates fond memories for me. I love trotting or cantering on the beach with the wind whipping my hair in my face.

Each beach horseback ride is unique. What makes horseback riding in Florence, Oregon unique? The wide open spaces.

We had the entire beach to ourselves on this ride. Baker Beach you look marvelous. What an experience less than 2 hours west of Eugene!

Four horseback riders walk along deserted Baker Beach in Florence, Oregon.
Horseback riding in Florence, Oregon on Baker Beach

Horseback Riding in Florence, Oregon details

C & M Stables (541) 997-7540

90241 Highway 101, Florence, Oregon 97439

Horseback riding in Florence, Oregon review, photography and YouTube video by Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown. She was a guest of Eugene Cascades Coast while horseback riding in Lane County for a feature article on the region. All opinions are her own.