Horseback riding near Gothenburg, Sweden

Are you wanting to go horseback riding near Gothenburg, Sweden? If you travel to Varmland County, Sweden, outside of Gothenburg, you’ll discover Our Little Farm in Ekshärad, Sweden.

Six horseback riders ride into the forest in single file outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Horse riding near Gothenburg, Sweden

The family-owned Our Little Farm is actually over four hours, by car, from Gothenburg, Sweden. However, if I wrote where to go horseback riding in Ekshärad, Sweden, no one in the United States would know where I was talking about. Thus, I’ll be referencing where to go horseback riding near Gothenburg, Sweden.

In fact, I went horseback riding with 2 young ladies from Gothenburg, Sweden and 4 Dutch equestrians from Holland during my holiday. I asked the Swedish equestrians how they found Our Little Farm, and they said they searched “horseback riding near Gothenburg.” I rest my case.

The horse I'm riding, a Danner Belgian draft horse, looks to the pond in the forest. Six equestrians, riding in single file, on horseback, walk amongst the pine and spruce trees.

Our Little Farm horse riding in Sweden

Horse riding in Sweden is a wonderful way to connect with your horse and appreciate nature. Situated in Värmland County, Sweden, Our Little Farm offers hourly rides, half and full day rides, sunset trail rides and multi-day horseback rides.

You’ll ride deep into the forest, rich with old pine trees and spruce trees. You’ll cross streams and creeks and may even camp overnight by a lake. Some of the animals you might encounter on your horseback ride include fox, deer or even a moose.

What to expect horseback riding at Our Little Farm in Värmland County

Our Little Farm trail rides are designed for beginners or experienced equestrians. I had mentioned that I was an experienced rider, yet I was an equestrian with hip replacements and would need special assistance.

While owners Marcia and Dimitry Gossens understood that I would need a mounting block, they did not match me with the proper horse. I was paired with Holly, a well-mannered Ardenner Belgian draft horse. Originally from Belgium, the Ardenner was brough to Sweden in 1920. Used to haul wood out of the forest and work the land, the coldblood breed is friendly, social and powerful.

You’ll see from the photo of me riding Holly, the Ardenner, she is quite wide. I should have requested one of their Irish Cob horses with a little less girth! So while I enjoyed my ride in the forest, I had to cut my two-day trail ride to one day due to my artificial hips. Equestrian travel tip for riders with joint replacements, speak up when you don’t find your horse to be a good match.

Equestrian travel expert Nancy D. Brown on Holly, an Ardenner Belgian draft horse with black mane, trail and socks. Her body is dark brown. Nancy is riding Holly on a hillside in a forest outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

What is the best trail ride for horse riding in Sweden?

No matter the trail ride length or riding level, you’ll want to wear long pants and close-toed shoes. Our Little Farm will provide Western saddles, helmets and saddle bags for your lunch and water bottle. You’ll want to bring your own cowboy boots.

If you opt for the multi-day trail ride, you’ll be given leather riding chaps to wear. This helps with any brush or tree encounters and keeps the mosquitoes away.

Our four-hour horseback ride in Sweden included a lunch break in the forest. While the other equestrians were able to dismount and tie their horses up to trees for our lunch stop, my wrangler helped me dismount my horse next to a large boulder. Thank goodness for nature’s mounting blocks in the forest.

Four of the 8 horses and riders are visible in the forest during our lunch break. Two Gypsy Vanner black and white horses are tied to trees while 2 bay draft horses are to the right of the black and white horses. Two horse riders sit on the ground, in the forest, eating their lunch in Sweden.

Stay overnight in Our Little Farm Holiday House

If you are interested in a multi-day ride or even a week of horseback riding in Sweden, Our Little Farm offers many options. The two-day ride and horse camp week, both offer overnight options. If the farm is not busy, you’ll be able to brush and saddle your horse if you like.

The in-depth horse camp offers lodging, meals and activities such as ground work with your horse or learning to throw a rope like a cowboy.

Our half day trail ride ended at a beautiful lake in Ekshärad Värmland, Sweden. The other equestrians were attending horse camp and were glamping in tents on their horse riding holiday.

How to book a horse riding holiday near Gothenburg, Sweden

Our Little Farm horse camps take place several times a year. I reached out to Marcia Gossens via e-mail and she was quick to respond. Check the website for current pricing. I am an equestrian travel expert and freelance writer. I have no affiliation with Our Little Farm and do not arrange horse riding vacations in Sweden.

Horse riding near Gothenburg, Sweden and stay in this 2-story red holiday house. The red house with black metal roof has a balcony above the front door, with three steps to the door. Windows are on either side of the front door. Swedish and Dutch flags hang on flag poles outside of the house.

Our Little Farm  0046 (0)705593967

Yggenäs Norra Heden
68362 Ekshärad Värmland, Sweden

Horseback riding near Gothenburg, Sweden, You Tube video and all photography by travel writer Nancy D. Brown. All opinions are my own.