Horses, Dogs and Super Bowl

Labrador retriever, dog
2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Lost Dog

Budweiser is at it again. They pulled at our heart strings with a Lost Dog television commercial for the 2015 Super Bowl. If you read my 2014 blog post about Puppy Love and Horses, you know that I am a sucker for Labrador retriever puppies and horses – I’ve owned my share of both of these sweet animals. What is it about horses, dogs and Super Bowl advertisements that make us reach for a bud a tissue?
I actually carry a spare dog leash in my car in case I ever run across a lost dog on the street or, heaven forbid, trotting up the freeway on ramp – yes, that happened to me. Have you ever rescued a lost pet? I am forever grateful to the person who left a note at my barn telling me that my horse had let himself out and was contentedly grazing by the side of the road. She borrowed a halter and walked him back to his stall. Needless to say, I bought a horse proof lock that afternoon for Houdini (not his real name.)

Horses, dogs and Super Bowl

The Budweiser commercial that featured a Clydesdale horse help a lost puppy find its way home made it online days before the Super Bowl television ad aired. As of the day after the Super Bowl, the YouTube video has been viewed 22,743,565 times with an overwhelming positive response.

Labrador Retriever, puppy
Stella, my Labrador Retriever. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

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Video and top photo courtesy of Budweiser. Bottom photo courtesy Nancy D. Brown.