Horsing Around with Mary Ann Kennedy

horse, "Mary Ann Kennedy"
Horsing around with Mary Ann Kennedy

“In a perfect world, I want to be a cowboy girl,” that’s what Grammy nominee and horse lover Mary Ann Kennedy sings about on the CD “It All Starts Here.” The 11 song CD celebrates the special relationship we have with horses. While I haven’t gone horseback riding with Kennedy, after watching her Horsin Around video and visiting her Facebook page, horsing around with Mary Ann Kennedy looks like it would be a lot of fun!

Horses and flies

I was introduced to Kennedy’s music when the folks at Spalding Labs offered to send me her latest CD “It All Starts Here.” While I don’t own horses anymore, I certainly remember my days of walking the 100 acre pasture, carrots in hand, looking for my horse. Flies were always a problem out on the trail or at the barn, so I don’t mind giving a plug to this company, although I can’t vouch for their fly spray. Spalding Labs is offering Mary Ann Kennedy’s latest CD free with any product purchased.

Gentle horse breaking

Kennedy’s title song on the CD “It All Starts Here” is a tribute to California’s Dr. Robert M. Miller, a horse lover known for his gentle horse breaking and training techniques. Dr. Miller has been teaching equestrians about natural horsemanship his entire career.

buckskin horse, "Mary Ann Kennedy"
Horsing around with Mary Ann Kennedy and her buckskin horse

Born to ride

Like Nashville-based singer Mary Ann Kennedy, I was born to horseback ride. Kennedy purchased her first horse around the same time I did, at age 12. Kennedy used her “music money” earned singing at local events to fed her horse addiction. My first horse, Cricket, was a silver buckskin and my second horse, Pampa, was a palomino Quarter Horse. Needless to say, I love her song Palomino about wanting to ride a golden palomino. If you love horses, you’ll love this country music CD and horsing around with Mary Ann Kennedy.

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Article by Nancy D. Brown. Photos courtesy Mary Ann Kennedy.