Los Cedros: Scottsdale Horse Heaven

Los Cedros USA, horses, stable, Scottsdale, Arizona
Horse heaven at Los Cedros. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

These hotel guests are fed three times a day. Their blankets are removed from their bodies in the morning and put back on them at night. They have a swimming pool all to themselves and all of the residents on property have a personal trainer. But these are not your typical hotel guests and Los Cedros USA is not your typical hotel! In fact, Los Cedros stables could be considered a horse of a different color, or should I say a Moroccan citadel of a different color?

pony, Los Cedros, Scottsdale, Arizona
Brass filly in Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

If you love beautiful horses and beautiful buildings, you’ll want to make a trip to Los Cedros USA in Scottsdale, Arizona. The exclusive horse stable is home to 90 horses, give or take a few empty box stalls, depending on the time of year and horse show season. Instead of the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North, horse lovers send their horses to Los Cedros USA for horse training.

Sierra riding Naturally Numaa in Scottsdale. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown
Sierra riding Naturally Numaa in Scottsdale. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

At Los Cedros, the horses have access to an exercise swimming pool, multiple covered and outdoor riding arenas with different footing for jumping courses vs reining horses, and twice daily stall cleaning. That’s better than most hotels. Toss in three square meals a day – ranging from alfalfa cubes, oat hay or grain to special vitamins and turn out service into large paddocks and you have a winning combination of happy horses and happy horse owners.

Los Cedros USA, throne room, Scottsdale, Arizona
Los Cedros USA Throne Room. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

Los Cedros USA

Los Cedros is open to the general public on a daily basis for self-guided, complimentary tours. I was fortunate to be visiting Scottsdale when the throne room was open. It was done in Morocco as a museum quality replica of a 2,500 to 4,000 year old throne room. It was crafted in Morocco using the same tools and same techniques – even the same ingredients in the paint – as they would have used there. It was then shipped to the United States and assembled at Los Cedros.

chandelier, throne room, Los Cedros USA, Scottsdale
Ornate chandeliers hang in the throne room. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

There are five hand-crafted Moroccan chandeliers in the throne room; there are only 13 of them in existence. It is a beautiful room, so if you have an opportunity, go see it.

arabian horse statue, morrocan, Los Cedros USA
Moroccan on horseback. Photo © 2014 Nancy D. Brown

If You Go:
Los Cedros USA (480) 575-6100
8700 East Black Mountain Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85266
Los Cedros horse photos and video by Equine Writer and horse lover Nancy D. Brown.