Themed Rooms at Legoland California Hotel

legoland california resort, carousel horse, heartlake city
Ride a carousel in Legoland’s Heartlake City.

Move over Lego Batman, Ninjago and Star Wars figures, the horses are running at Legoland California Resort. Well, not literally, but Legoland is all about using your imagination, so you can build a horse out of Legos, ride a carousel horse in Heartlake City and sleep in a horse themed room at Legoland Hotel. Opened in 2015, Friends Heartlake City welcomes horse lovers to Mia’s Riding Camp. The 62 horse and jeep carousel takes cowboys and cowgirls on a wild ride inside Legoland California Resort in Carlsbad. There’s also Heartlake Fountain for kids to splash around like a pony. Best of all, there’s Heartlake Stables for equestrians and budding engineers to unbridle their creative juices with Lego building activities.

legoland hotel, legoland california resort
Sleep with a pony at Legoland Hotel

New this year is the introduction of Legoland Friends themed rooms at Legoland Hotel. With 11 rooms and one suite filled with 12 Lego models, guests will enjoy seeing their friends before heading out for a day at the park. There’s Felix the Cat, Scarlett the Dog and Goldie the Bird. Of course, I immediately spotted the little pony prancing in the headboard of the bed and the yellow ribbon, won from a horse show at Heartlake Stables, proudly tacked to the wall of the hotel room. How fun to sleep in an equestrian-themed bedroom with a bed shaped like a barn, surrounded by faux bales of hay. A painting of a brightly colored purple horse shoe hangs over your head to bring good luck as you dream of riding carousel horses up and down and all around.

horse, legoland california resort, heartlake stables
Ride a pony at Heartlake Stables

Reader’s of Writing Horseback know that one of my favorite things to do is to ride a carousel horse on my travels. I was able to visit the antique Herschell Carousel in Santa Barbara, California and tour the Albany Carousel Museum in Oregon, among others. When’s the last time you rode on a merry-go-round horse?

Insider Tip: Lego Friends Heartlake City is included in the cost of admission to Legoland California Resort. For additional insider tips follow @nancydbrown on Twitter and @Legoland_CA. For hotel room rates, hours of park operation and additional information visit the Legoland website.

legoland, heartlake stables, carlsbad, california
Legoland Heartlake Stables

If You Go:

Legoland California Resort (760) 918-LEGO (5346)

One Legoland Drive, Carlsbad,  California 92008 USA

Article by Equine Writer Nancy D. Brown. Photos provided by Legoland Resort.