Young Adult Book Review for Horse Lovers: Objects in Mirror

Objects in Mirror
Book Review: Objects in Mirror

When reading the book Objects in Mirror, I was reminded of one of the reasons I ride horses: the bond between horse and rider. I chose riding because I knew no matter what, my horse would be my best friend. When Grace was struggling to fight Anorexia (an eating disorder), she turns to her horses. Although they do not speak, their actions speak a million times louder than words.  The author does a fantastic job describing Grace’s love for the animals, but also her true admiration for them as well.

The beginning of the book starts off with Grace at a horse show. Grace explains how she uses her aids to get Sprite to go, and come back. As easy as this may seem, Grace is one of the few people who can ride Sprite…. well. Sprite shares the same respect for Grace as she does for him. Throughout the book, Grace shares her stories of bonding with the horses. As an equestrian myself, that trust and respect is very difficult to earn, but once you have it, there is almost no way of losing it.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes horses, love stories, and happy endings. When I read this book it was very hard to put down. I hope you enjoy!

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Tudor Robins, author Objects in Mirror

This is a guest post by high school student and equestrian Carrington who lives with her horse in the San Francisco bay area.