5 Memorable Pictures Riding Horseback

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"Seven Cities" "Sao Miguel" portugal
Horseback riding vacation in Sao Miguel, Portugal, overlooking Sete Cidades

If you are like me, you take a camera with you on horseback riding vacations. Some of my most memorable pictures riding horseback are what I call “between the ears” photos. I enjoy taking pictures from the horses perspective, without anyone else in the frame – just the horse’s head and the memorable view.

In celebrating my five year anniversary of writing equestrian lodging reviews for Writing Horseback, I have put together a series of five memorable horseback riding vacations, five best meals while riding horseback and today I give you five memorable pictures riding horseback.

"Echo Valley Ranch" british columbia, canada
Horseback riding vacation in British Columbia, Canada

5 memorable pictures riding horseback

The Frazier river snakes along British Columbia’s Cariboo country like hot lava flowing from a volcano. It’s waters cascade downstream, running wild and free. The same could be said of the cowboys and horses of Cariboo country – they love nothing better than to roam free in the green pastures that stretch before them, miles at a time.

During a visit to Canada I was fortunate to go horseback riding at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. This 160 acre guest ranch and spa is not to be compared with a dude ranch; it is more like a Thai-themed spa that offers hiking, fishing, horseback riding, healthful eating and massage treatments that are out of this world. Photo opportunities of nature, birds and wildlife are plentiful in the surrounding mountains, grasslands, forests and canyons by Echo Valley Ranch.

"Bridger-Teton National Forest" wyoming
Horseback riding in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest

Jackson, Wyoming horseback riding vacation

This was my first time on a horseback riding vacation in Wyoming and Jackson Hole did not disappoint. My home base for the week was Jackson Fork Ranch in tiny Bondurant, Wyoming. After feeding the bison at the ranch, learning to drive a Percheron team of horses and fly fishing on blue ribbon trout streams, the folks at Jackson Fork Ranch took me horseback riding in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Located in western Wyoming, Bridger-Teton National Forest, at 3.4 million acres, is the third largest National Forest outside of Alaska. If you enjoy horseback riding in wide open country – perhaps an overnight pack trip – I highly recommend a horseback riding vacation with Sleeping Indian Outfitters – great horses and excellent guides.
"Garrod Farms" horseback riding

Horseback riding in California’s Silicon Valley

Horseback riding in California’s Silicon Valley

While fruit orchards have been plowed under and paved over to accommodate Silicon Valley technology companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook, there are still a few ranchers and farmers holding onto their roots in the Santa Cruz mountains. One of those families still tilling the soil, harvesting grapes and riding horseback is Garrod Farms and Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards located in Saratoga, California.

Garrod Farms offers the best of both worlds for horse lovers – horseback riding followed by wine tasting in the family-owned Cooper-Garrod tasting room.

"Pico Island" portugal, horseback riding
Horseback riding holiday on Pico Island, Portugal

Horseback riding on Pico Island, Portugal

I had no idea that Portugal offered so many horseback riding holiday opportunities. What a pleasure that I was able to explore Pico Island on horseback! Turispico offers cottages for rent, horseback rides on Lusitano and Garrano horses, guided hikes on Pico Island and a taste of local Portuguese food and hand crafted fire water!
What are your most memorable horseback rides? Do you take “between the ears” photos while riding horseback?

Article and photos by Equine Writer Nancy D. Brown