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Cowboy Dave Thornbury

2017-06-27T11:44:32-07:00Equestrian Photography|

Dave Thornbury I first met Dave Thornbury at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival at William S. Hart Park. Dressed in leather chaps, cowboy boots, a Western shirt, red scarf and straw hat, he is the real McCoy. He is as comfortable working with leather hides, as he is swinging a rope. The cowboy [...]

Horses of Germany

2017-06-27T11:44:33-07:00Equestrian Photography|

December is a magical time in the Christmas Markets of Germany. While I wasn't able to go on a horseback riding vacation during this time of year, I didn't have any trouble tracking down horses of a different color in the heart of Germany from Bamberg to Wurzburg. Bamberg Horseman photo © 2015 Nancy [...]

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