Dominican Republic Horses

general gregorio luperon, puerto plata, cas museo gregorio luperon, mural, horse
General Gregorio Luperon photo © 2016 Nancy D. Brown

When I travel to new destinations, I seek out new experiences and, ideally, horseback riding vacations. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. On my latest visit to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, I was there because I was on a cruise ship with Fathom Travel. I looked into a horseback riding shore excursion, but the stables with a good reputation were currently undergoing renovation. Hopefully, they’ll be open the next time I’m able to return to the Dominican Republic. Until then, I leave you with some horses that I found on this Caribbean Island.

war of restoration, horse, gregorio luperon, museum
The war of restoration photo © 2016 Nancy D. Brown

General Gregorio Luperon was a very famous person in the Dominican Republic. So much so that he has an entire museum named in his honor in Puerto Plata. My limited understanding on the history of the independence of the Dominican Republic is that back in 1863 the DR won their independence from Spain in a wartime victory. General Gregorio Luperon successfully lead the war of restoration. His hometown was San Felipe of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. It is here that I found this mural, as well as the statue of the white horse Luperon rode in the war.

gregory luperon, general luperon, puerto plata, dominican republic, mural, museum

horse, cupey, puerto plata, dominican republic
Horse grazing in Cupey. Photo © 2016 Nancy D. Brown

This photo of a horse grazing next to a house was taken by me when I traveled to the small village of Cupey, outside of Puerto Plata. I helped with community English classes during an impact activity with Fathom Travel during my cruise to the Dominican Republic. As I mentioned, I didn’t get a chance to go horseback riding during my holiday, but this horse, grazing peacefully in a pasture, made me smile.

casa museo, general gregorio luperon, puerto plata, dominican republic

If You Go:
Museo Gregorio Luperon
Calle 12 de Julio núm. 54,
Puerto Plata – República Dominicana

Article and all photos by Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown.