7 Equestrian Gifts for Horse Lovers

Buying gifts for the horse crazy person in your life is easy, but when you want to go the extra mile and really make that special someone smile, you’ll want to check out these equestrian gift ideas. From horse-themed gift cards to waterproof boots, horsey t-shirts and yoga on horseback, my list of 7 equestrian gifts for horse lovers will fit every budget from large to small. In no particular order, I give you my favorite gifts for horse lovers.

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Life Between the Ears Holiday Cards

1. Life Between the Ears
Truthfully, I can’t remember how I came across Kristin Dahms and discovered her Life Between The Ears photographs. We both grew up with horses, took a break from horses to build our career and then circled back to horses later in life. I follow the hashtag #LifeBetweenTheEars on social media and was pleased to see that Kristin had created a line of equestrian note cards for the holidays. A box set of 10 Happy Holidays cards retails for $25 online.

2. Welligog Mayfair Waterproof Boots
Personally, I do not own any Welligogs products, but when I saw these gorgeous boots, I knew they would make any equestrian happy. The boots are made in Britain and are waterproof, breathable and fashionable. This brown, leather and suede country boot can be used with orthotics if need be, by removing the insole. The company also makes distinctly British outdoor clothing. Suggested retail £350.00.

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Yoga on horseback

3. Yoga on horseback at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado
Find Your Inner Cowgirl through Body, Mind, Equine, that’s the name of the yoga program that Cathy Woods is leading in March at C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado. I met Cathy at the Resort at Paws Up during a Cowgirl Weekend. I had never experienced yoga on horseback and since my two hip replacements, I’ll simply say that it was an eye-opening experience for me. I connected with my body and the horse I was riding in a different way. I hope to join Yogini Cathy on this three night women’s retreat in the Colorado Rockies. Dates: May 11-14, 2017. Cost: $385 per person per night, not including tax. Airfare and transportation to the ranch is not included in the cost of the retreat.

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Horse t-shirts for equestrians

4. Horse t-shirts from 20×60
I received an e-mail from 20×60 an apparel and tack site for horse and ride regarding their equestrian products. Their equestrian t-shirt designs caught my attention; especially “All I Care About is Cupcakes and Horses” and “Namaste on My Horse.” Owner Mike Scanlin was kind enough to send me a couple of tees.

tamber bey, wine, rabicano, napa valley, wine

5. Wine tasting at Tamber Bey Vineyards in Calistoga, California
Back in the day, Vintner Louis M. Martini rode his horse through the rolling hills and vineyards of Napa Valley and Sonoma. Sadly, much of the land has been fenced off and horse grazing has given way to grape vines. Fortunately, Tamber Bey Vineyards in Calistoga has retained the equestrian connection at the Sundance Ranch. This world-class equestrian facility shares the turf with Tamber Bey Vineyards. Guests may make an appointment to visit the winery and enjoy a ranch and winery tour or savory cookie tasting paired with Tamber Bey wines.

nancy d. brown, nancy brown, writing horseback, cowgirl spring roundup, resort at paws up, montana
Nancy Brown cutting cattle at Cowgirl Spring Round up. Photo credit: Nicole Morgenthau

6. Cowgirl for a weekend at The Resort at Paws Up in Montana
Held annually in April, the Cowgirl Spring Roundup at The Resort at Paws Up is every horse lovers dream come true. From the moment you land at the high end ranch near Missoula, Montana you’ll be treated like a princess, but this princess rides fine horses, sleeps on feather beds and dines on gourmet cuisine. In other words, this is not your catch and saddle your own horse type of experience. In conjunction with the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, the Paws Up Cowgirl Spring Roundup is a place for building comradery among fellow equestrians in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings.

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Urban Remedy protein bar

7. Urban Remedy Protein Bar
Out on the trail it’s often difficult to stop and take time for a meal. When I come across a healthy snack that tastes good, travels well and fits in my back pocket, I’m as happy as a horse grazing knee deep in tall grass on a sunny day. With that in mind, I’m sharing Urban Remedy’s “The Bar.” It’s a vegan protein bar that contains 11 grams of protein with very little sugar. The Bar is sold individually at Urban Remedy locations or a 7-day bundle retails online for $26.25.

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Article written by Travel Writer and Equestrian Nancy D. Brown. Disclosure: On Writing Horseback, I receive products, equestrian gear and apparel that have been sent to me for review purposes. Some of the items listed above have been purchased by me, while others are received without charge for the purpose of review. All of these equestrian gifts for the horse lover have been tested (with the exception of the Welligogs boots) and are recommended and approved by me.