7 Horseback Riding Vacations: Blog Posts Remembered

Nancy Brown goes on a horseback riding vacation at Sunriver Stables with Wrangler Diana
Nancy Brown goes on a horseback riding vacation at Sunriver Stables with Wrangler Diana

One of my favorite travel bloggers and a specialist in Baby Boomer travel, Donna L. Hull, from My Itchy Travel Feet, tagged me in an internet game. Tripbase is the instigator behind this game. The concept is simple, introduce new readers of Writing Horseback to older blog posts that you may not be familiar with. The travel blogger selects seven blog posts from the past, then picks five more travel bloggers to participate in the game of tag.

Will you agree with my horseback riding vacation selections? Who will I nominate for this game of travel blogger tag? Let the games begin!

Most Popular Horseback Riding Vacation I’m happy to say that the Sunriver Stables Horseback Riding Vacation is Writing Horseback’s most popular blog post according to Goggle Analytics.  As I mentioned in the post, we have been returning to Sunriver, Oregon for vacation for as long as I can remember. I vacationed at Sunriver as a child, and now my husband and I bring our children to Sunriver. I always look forward to a horseback ride during our Sunriver Resort holiday.

Most Beautiful Horseback Riding Vacation I have been fortunate to go horseback riding in some beautiful places.  One place that I look forward to a horseback riding vacation is in the ABC Islands of the Caribbean. The photo from Patrick McCarty of horses cooling down in Dickenson Bay, Antigua is a personal favorite of mine.

A, B, C Islands of the Caribbean:

A= Antiqua

B= Bonaire

C= Curacao

Most Helpful Horseback Riding Advice The introduction to beginning Western horseback riding, along with the YouTube video that I created, is probably one of the most helpful posts for new horseback riders.

Most Controversial Horseback Riding Vacation Two horseback riding vacation destinations have received a lot of negative press because some of the horses are treated poorly. I have not personally gone horseback riding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, nor have I gone for a horseback riding holiday in Cozumel, Mexico. It is my firm belief that no one should support horse stables, ranches or carriage rides where the horses are not treated with care, love and respect.

Surprised This Horseback Riding Post Was Successful While I loved my horseback riding vacation at Kualoa Ranch  in Oahu, Hawaii, I’m amazed that the YouTube video I created has been so popular.  Let’s just say it is very apparent that I am horseback riding while filming the video! Thanks for watching the video.

This Horseback Riding Vacation Deserves A Second Look Hawaii Paso Finos is not a large horse ranch. In fact, they do not own very many horses; yet the Paso Finos they own are ver special. Hawaii Paso Finos is truly a unique horseback riding vacation on the Big Island.

Most Proud of This Horseback Riding Vacation For my horseback riding vacation in Bergen, Norway to become a reality, I attribute my success to the power of positive thinking. My goal was to ride a Fjord horse in Norway and I was able to bring that goal to fruition in August of  2010. Where is your ideal horseback riding vacation? Write a comment below and make your horseback riding vacation dreams come true! What horseback riding vacations are your favorite?

Five travel bloggers named to the Tripbase Challenge:

Darley Newman from Darley’s Travel Blog

Norm Dove from Echo Valley Ranch & Spa Blog

Trisha Miller from Travel Writers Exchange

Michelle Snow from Travel Via Words

Jody Dahl from Top50 Ranches Blog

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  1. I enjoyed looking back at some of your favorite blog posts, Nancy. Thanks for participating in this fun game of internet tag. Since I’m not much of a horsewoman, I enjoy riding vicariously through you. Horseback riding in Norway must have been the ultimate!

  2. @Donna
    You were a sport to go horseback riding in the winter time and write a guest blog post for me.
    Thanks for your continued sport of this blog and my travel writing!

  3. Great read. I’ve found top50 ranches provides some great options, whether it be dude, guest, or working ranch vacations. check it out, highly recommend it.

  4. Horses are my favorite. I love their coat of fur, their teeth when they eat carrots and all their breeds. I share your affinity for them, keep posting pretty pictures.

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