Dream Job: Equestrian Travel Expert Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown, equestrian travel expert
Equestrian Travel Expert Nancy (Mooers) Brown riding her Quarter Horse in 1972

In my youth I often slept under a blanket of stars in the hills of Northern California’s Mount Diablo; my horse softly munching hay a few yards from my sleeping bag. I would wake early to water and groom my horse and then explore Contra Costa County back country trails, watching deer, coyote and the occasional rattle snake slither across our path. I never dreamed that one day I would make a career writing about horseback riding vacations as an equestrian travel expert and equine writer.

Nancy Brown: Horse lover

From an early age I was labeled “horse crazy.” It’s a term that I wore with pride. Blue, red and yellow horse show ribbons lined my bedroom walls and Breyer model horses stood guard over shelves crammed with books for horse lovers. As my riding ability progressed, I transitioned from a casual backyard rider to showing my Palomino Quarter Horse and Poco Bueno dun mare in equitation, pleasure and trail classes at the Junior Grand National Horse Show at San Francisco’s Cow Palace.

Horseback riding and writing horseback

Headed for college and a career in Journalism, I eventually sold my horses and put horseback riding on vacation hold. I held on to my saddle and tack long after the horses had left the barn, but like a rodeo queen passing her rhinestone tiara to the next cowgirl in line, I was reluctant to part with my last connection to the equestrian world.

"Nancy D. Brown" "equine travel expert"
Equine Travel Writer Nancy Brown riding on Mendocino Coast

What is an equestrian travel expert?

Certainly there are a herd of equestrians with more riding expertise than I. Ideally an equestrian travel expert has a comprehensive knowledge in the field of equine travel. As I am both an equestrian and a journalist, it seemed only natural to combine my passion for horses with my love of travel.

When I’m not typing in front of a computer, I spend my days reviewing dude ranches and searching out equestrian travel vacations and equine holidays. From riding a Fjord horse in Bergen, Norway to a Lusitano sport horse in central Portugal, Writing Horseback is your guide to equestrian travel deals and equine lodging reviews.

Equestrian travel deals and dude ranch reviews

I’m often quoted as saying, “there’s no better way to travel than from the back of a horse.” There’s nothing I like better than to explore a new destination (to me) than with a local and on horseback.

Dude ranches are a favorite horse holiday for me and most horse lovers. Dude ranch vacations make great memories for family members of all ages. I hope you’ll share your favorite horseback holidays with me. Until we cross on the bridle path, follow your dreams and happy trails to you.

Article by Equestrian Travel Expert Nancy D. Brown

20 thoughts on “Dream Job: Equestrian Travel Expert Nancy Brown”

  1. @Carole
    Wow! You are going to Iceland. I hope to visit and ride an Icelandic horse one day. I’m glad you found my site useful for your trip planning. Enjoy your adventure!

  2. Nancy, I’ll double back to your site to search for a place I might enjoy riding while my husband enjoys anything but riding. To date, my best experience was in Argentina, a treat after hiking the Torres del Paine Patagonian trail.

  3. It’s fantastic that you’ve been able to build a career from your love for horses and journalism. I’m not a rider, but I do love looking at horses. They’re beautiful creatures.

  4. What an interesting story you have. There was a point in our lives, many years ago, when we visited (several times) a ranch in Wickenburg, AZ where we enjoyed the luxurious amenities and rode horses. We also rode horses near Yellowstone. Our son took riding lessons for several years when he was young as well, so we’ve definitely enjoyed the experiences of travel and horses. What a fun genre you’ve carved out for yourself.

  5. How terrific that you’ve been able to combine your passion for horses and riding with your work. Not too many people are fortunate enough to be able to do this and I can see from your writing that you are satisfied and happy with your path. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. What an interesting way to combine your interests/talents! I just returned from Bhutan and a pony helped me get up to Tiger’s Nest because I had contracted bronchitis and at those altitudes (14,000 feet+) I would have never made it otherwise. I also enjoyed riding a beautiful Icelandic horse last summer. I don’t have any horseback riding skill but it is a fun option for me when I travel. I enjoyed finding out about your site!

  7. @Kay
    Sorry to hear that you contracted bronchitis in Bhutan, but how fortunate that you were able to visit Bhutan and the Tiger’s Nest with the help of a pony! That’s a happy story!

  8. @Patti
    I have ridden at several ranches in Wickenburg, Arizona. I’m curious if you stayed at Rancho de los Caballeros? I was fortunate to ride horseback in Yellowstone National Park – it was a fabulous and memorable experience!

  9. @Kristin
    How lucky for you! I was invited to go horseback riding in Torres del Paine Patagonia with Explora Patagonia but I had recently had a hip replacement and had to decline. I hope to experience Argentina on horseback in the future!

  10. Very cool to be an equestrian travel expert. Almost as good as being a chocolate travel expert! All kidding aside, I think it’s cool to pursue our passions and be able to make a living from it.

  11. Dear Nancy, good for you. This horse crazy person has a similar story even riding a Poco Bueno dun. However, I do all the things you do but I am not smart enough to get paid for writing about it. Let me know if you ever need a real vacation and I will write a couple articles for you. I did write hunt reviews for our hunt club newsletter when I was an honorary Whipper- in. Well look at that word, “honorary,” as it also means you don’t get paid. All for the love of horses!

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