Favorite horseback riding vacations

Jandana Ranch horses
Where will your next horseback riding vacation take you?

If you love horses and going on horseback riding vacations while you travel, you have  come to the right spot – or should I say blog?  Writing Horseback is all about sharing the best places to take a horseback riding holiday.

Nancy D. Brown equestrian travel writer

I’m not a travel agent, nor do I book horseback riding vacations. I’m a travel writer, specializing in luxury and equestrian travel. I review dude ranches, resorts, stables that are open to the public and guest ranches. I love riding and writing about horses during my travels. I also accept guest posts on this equestrian blog from fellow riders about your horseback riding vacations.

Nancy D. Brown Triple Creek Ranch
Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown on a horseback riding vacation at Triple Creek Ranch.

Horseback riding in winter

I live in Northern California. Horseback riding in the snow is a rare occasion for me. I’ve ridden horseback in the snow in Lake Louise, Canada and at Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, Montana.

Riding in the snow is magical for this California girl.  If you need more inspiration for riding in the winter or you simply enjoy beautiful pictures of horses, visit my Pinterest board “Horses in Winter.”

Horseback riding holiday

Where will your travels take you this year? What’s on your bucket list for your next horseback riding holiday? Do you dream of riding horseback? Where are your favorite places for a horseback riding vacation?

Photo of horses running in the snow courtesy of  Jandana Ranch.