Horseback Riding Vacation in Bergen, Norway

Fjord horse, Ovre-Eide Farm, Bergen, Norway
Lynge-Tora a Norwegian Fjord horse from Ovre-Eide Farm

Bergen, Norway Horseback Riding Vacation

As we rode past the centuries old cemetery, lined with neatly marked tombstones and flowers, the horses hooves clipped clopped along the path. We began the assent of the forested trail and left the World Heritage City of Bergen behind us. The rugged Norwegian Fjord horses moved quietly along the fern-laced trail as we gained elevation.

We passed natural lakes created from snow melt run off and a few abandoned military bunkers; silent remembrances of World War II. Norwegian mother’s pushed baby strollers along the paved path. It was a lovely summer day, ideal for a horseback riding vacation in Bergen, Norway.

Ovre-Eide Farm Horseback Riding Vacation

If you have plans for a horseback riding vacation in Bergen, Norway, make advance reservations with Ovre-Eide Farm. This historic farmhouse, looking over Jordalswater, offers horseback riding and carriage rides to the public. Ovre-Eide Farm will arrange custom horseback riding vacations for Hurtigruten Cruise Ship passengers, as it is a short cab ride from downtown Bergen, Norway.

Fjord horse, Ovre-Eide Farm, Bergen, Norway,
Feline, a Norwegian Fjord horse. Photo © 2015 Nancy D. Brown

Norwegian Fjord Horse

The Norwegian Fjord Horse  is a versatile horse. Known for its roached mane, dorsal stripe running down the back and black mane and tail, the Fjord Horse is small and frugal. With an easy-going temperament, the Norwegian Fjord Horse must demonstrate expertise in driving, dressage and jumping.

“I was eight years old when I owned my first horse, a Shetland pony,” remembered Kjersti Anette Botnevik, the leader of the Bergen chapter, Norwegian Fjord Horse Association. “I was 11 when I got my Fjord Horse. It was exciting to own a Fjord horse,” added Botnevik, who specializes in marathon driving of the Fjord horse.

Nancy Brown, Bergen, Norway
Nancy Brown riding in Bergen, Norway

What are your favorite things to do in Bergen, Norway?

If You Go:

Ovre-Eide Farm +47 908 08 379

Ovre-Eide 36, 5105 Eidsvag, Norway

For More Information:

Norwegian Fjord Horse Association,

Bergen Tourist Board,

Hurtigruten Cruise Lines,

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Photos, YouTube video and article by Nancy D. Brown of What a Trip. I was a guest of  Ovre-Eide Farm and Innovation Norway.

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