Horseback Riding Vacation in Cappadocia, Turkey

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Enjoy a horseback riding vacation in Cappadocia, Turkey while assisting with dental care for villagers

Horseback riding vacation in Gucin Valley

Imagine departing on a horseback riding vacation to a beautiful 13th century Caravanserai (traveler’s lodge) on the Silk Road, where riders stop to rest and refresh themselves with tea while spending some time with the Sufis, performing their Whirling Dervish Ceremony. Afterwards, equestrians ride to  a Relief Riders International (RRI) campsite for a sunset dinner overlooking the Gucin valley.

The next morning begins early at RRI’s first dental camp for residents of the town of Saridir. And in the afterglow of having helped provide such a critical service, riders saddle up after lunch for a four-hour ride along the Kizilirmak River to Mount Ziyaret, with views of Erciyes, a 13,000 ft high volcano.

relief riders international, horseback riding, cappadocia, turkey
Join Relief Riders International on a horseback riding vacation with a medical mission in Cappadocia, Turkey

Relief Riders International (RRI) will be returning once again to Cappadocia, Turkey. The inaugural Cappadocia Relief Ride in June 2011 was so successful that RRI will continue riding in through central Turkey in June 2012.

RRI is a travel company that combines the adventure of horseback riding vacations through some of the most beautiful locations in the world with the opportunity to profoundly affect the lives of those they visit.

Those travelers who participated in last June’s Cappadocia horseback ride, rode through streams, canyons, and over mountains, met Turkish people, enjoyed delicious food, and under the direction of Dr. Ozay Mutluay, ran four free dental camps and installed two playgrounds for local children.

alexander souri, relief riders international, cappadocia, turkey
Relief Rider Director Alexander Souri horseback riding in Cappadocia, Turkey

“It’s always so exciting to travel to new places, to meet new people, and learn about another culture,” declared Alexander Souri, the Executive Director of RRI. “And it is so satisfying for RRI to find new ways to meet local needs. It was clear from our initial needs assessment tour of Cappadocia that villagers were unable to find affordable dental care. It only took our first dental camp for us to realize how great the need was. And it is gratifying to know how successful our free dental camps have been.”

fairy chimney, cappadocia, turkey
You’ll see fairy chimneys from Cappadocia, Turkey while horseback riding with Relief Riders International

Relief Riders to Dental Camps

As Dr. Mutluay’s clinic is located within traveling distance to the four villages in which RRI’s team of horseback riders worked, initial screenings were performed at the Dental Camps. The Relief Rider Team screened 96 people, and Dr. Mutluay discovered, on average, that each patient required 4-6 procedures. The Relief Riders registered and managed patients for these screenings, and made sure they left with their correct diagnosis and directions to Dr. Mutluay’s clinic. Ninety of these 96 patients have already been treated, and have received a total of 378 fillings and 87 extractions. This  work will continue on RRI’s June 2012 Cappadocia Relief Ride.

Hot air balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey

Horseback Riding Vacation to Cappadocia

The Cappadocia trip runs from June 19 – July 1, 2012, beginning with a hot air balloon ride over the landscape that the ride travels through. Cappadocia is known throughout the world as a region of natural beauty, with hundreds of fairy chimneys, distinctive rock pillars and minaret-like formations.

RRI will continue its  Education through Play Program by building durable playground sets in some of the villages they ride through.

Souri notes, “We developed the program to provide local children with a safe, clean, space for outdoor play. It was a thrill to see how much the kids loved their new playgrounds; they couldn’t wait to start swinging and climbing.”

In addition to the dental and play programs, RRI plans to launch its first Garbage Management program. In collaboration with the local officials riders will help install simple, yet effective, public trash cans and help create awareness for the growing waste challenge in Cappadocia.

equestrian, horseback riding, relief riders international cappadocia, turkey
Relief Riders International not only provides a unique horseback riding vacation, the organization partners with Cappadocia to provide dental care for the community and play programs for local children.

If You Go:

Relief Riders International (413) 329-5876

Relief Rider International equestrian photos courtesy of Marc Lecureuil.  Balloon photo courtesy of Fairy Chimneys photo courtesy of Timothy Neesam Gumshoe Photos Flickr stream.

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