Horses of Cavalia Odysseo

Elise Genest, Hilandero, horse, odysseo, cavalia
Elise Genest’ Hilandero mixed media on canvas

Paintings of horses have been in existence for centuries. Having visited southwestern France with their famous prehistoric paintings of horses in Lascaux Caves, I can attest to mankind’s fascination with the four-legged animal. Recently, I was captivated by the beauty of horses coming to life from paintings on canvas at Cavalia Odysseo horse show. The equestrian-themed extravaganza brings acrobats, artists, horses and riders together as one under a white big top tent.

lea riviere, horse, cavalia, odysseo, art
Lea Riviere’s Fraternity

While the magic rears to life with the arrival of 65 horses for the Cavalia production, the devil is in the details of keeping track of 350 costumes and 100 pairs of shoes and boots. Artists may have up to seven different costume changes in the traveling show. Speaking of artists, don’t miss the artwork on display under the white big top as you take your seat. Works of art, all with a horse-theme, range from acrylic on canvas to mixed media creations.

joan dumouchel, horses, cavalia, odysseo, art
La Grande Chevauchée by Joan Dumouchel

Cavalia boutique

For the art lover or horse lover, all Odysseo art on display is available for purchase. Cavalia also offers an online boutique if you like shopping for the equestrian in your life. Personally, I have my eye on the Cavalia umbrella. Maybe if I buy it, we’ll have rain in California?

brigitte lafleur, horse, art, cavalia, odysseo
King by Brigitte Lafleur

If You Go:

Odyesso horse photos by Equestrian Writer Nancy D. Brown who was a guest of Cavalia. For more of Nancy’s photography, follow her on Instagram @Nancydbrown #writinghorseback