National Charro Championships

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Charro works his rope

What’s the difference between a charro and a cowboy? A charro is a horseman from Mexican, while vaquero is the Mexican term for cowboy. A charro wears clothing unique to this equestrian sport, including boots, riding pants, shirt and sombrero. His saddle has a much larger horn than the traditional Western saddle and he carries a rope.

The 4th Annual International Charro Championships are coming to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico January 29 to February 1, 2015. A cultural celebration of Mexico’s national sport, this fast-paced and colorful equestrian extravaganza is not to be missed.

Over twenty four teams of charros from all over the country will descend on Puerto Vallarta this winter. Demonstrating roping skills, bull riding and high speed challenges, teams will compete for high stakes cash prizes. In addition, this year 17 Escaramuzas, the women of the charro community, will also compete for pesos.
As part of the celebration of the Charro Championships, the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board will join in hosting cultural events including on-horse rope skills exhibitions and live music performances at the Malecon. Featured events include musical and entertainment presentations by Puerto Vallarta’s Ballet Xiutla and the Mariachi International Real de America.
Have you watched Escaramuzas perform on horseback at a charreada or Mexican rodeo? Riding side saddle, these equestrians blend fashion with precision routines on horseback.
If You Go:

Arena Vallarta
20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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  1. Sounds fascinating. There’s quite a tradition of equestrian sportsmanship in Zacapa Guatemala as well. A charreada is a beautiful display of horsemanship and tradition.

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