Scottsdale, Arizona Celebrates Horse Art

"water Mark" equine sculpture
Water Mark equine sculptures prevent Scottsdale, Arizona floods

A reporter for a local newspaper asked me what my most treasured art possession was. That question was posed to me almost thirty years ago, yet my answer would be the same today. My parent’s commissioned an artist to create a pastel portrait of my horses’ head back in 1976. Though my horse has since passed, that work of art still hangs in my house to this day. Scottsdale, Arizona celebrates horse art, as well.
It appears that the City of Scottsdale has made a commitment to honor the horse AND public art through equine sculpture. All but two of these public works of equine art are accessible within a sixty minute walk in Scottsdale.

"Passing the Legacy"
Passing the Legacy by Herb Mignery

“Passing the Legacy”

      1. by Herb Mignery
      1. Location: Scottsdale Waterfront Pedestrian & Trolley Bridge, South of Marshall Way & Via Soleri
      1. This life-size, Western bronze depicts a vintage pony express rider and a contemporary Hashknife Pony Express rider handing off the mail at full gallop, reliving the “Old West” meeting the “New West” in downtown Scottsdale.

“Bronze Horse Fountain” by Bob Parks
Location: Intersection of 5th Avenue & Marshall Way
One of the most photographed landmarks in all of Scottsdale, this fountain is a visitor favorite for group shots. Created by Bob Parks, who owned an art gallery in town for 30 years, the art piece showcases the beauty of five Arabian horses as they play in the fountain’s water.

"Jack Knife" equine sculpture
Jack Knife equine sculpture by Ed Mell

“Jack Knife” by Ed Mell
Location: Intersection of Main Street & Marshall Way
This giant bronze of a cowboy on a bucking bronco honors Scottsdale’s Western heritage and the city’s official seal. Horse and art lovers may safely cross into the intersection to take pictures by the equine sculpture, but city officials request that you don’t attempt to ride the bronco.

"The Yearlings" "George Ann Tognoni"
The Yearlings equine sculpture by artist George Ann Tognoni

    “The Yearlings”

        1. by George-Ann Tognoni
        1. Location: Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, Corner of Main Street & Brown Avenue
        1. This monument to wild horses has become an icon of free spirit in the American West and depicts three bronze yearlings galloping in full stride.
    "Winfield Scott Memorial" "George Ann Tognoni"
    Winfield Scott Memorial & his mule. Artist George Ann Tognoni.

    “Winfield Scott Memorial”

        1. by George-Ann Tognoni
        1. Location: Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, Outside the Scottsdale Historical Society
        1. Based upon a historic photo, this sculpture depicts the founders of Scottsdale. Winfield Scott stands alongside his retired Army mule “Old Maud” with his wife Helen seated sidesaddle.
    "The Stable"
    The Stable and horses by Joel Coplin

    Inside the Noriega Livery in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona Artist Joel Coplin created a colorful equine mural. “The Stable” is a scene depicting horses being fed in the barn. Coplin called on his memory to re-create the individual horses he had worked with during his time as a New York City carriage driver.

    Have you experienced Scottsdale’s Art Walk? Are you a fan of equine art? I look forward to traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona to celebrate horse art.

    Photos courtesy Scottsdale Public Art website.