Top 5 Magazines for Horseback Riders

Equestrian magazines to plan your next horseback riding vacation. This Western Horseman magazine cover "Cowboy Christmas Eve" by Jack Sorenson
Equestrian magazines to plan your next horseback riding vacation. This Western Horseman magazine cover “Cowboy Christmas Eve” by Jack Sorenson

Equestrian magazines for the horse lover

If you have landed on the Writing Horseback blog, you are either a horse lover, know a horse lover, or are planning a horseback riding vacation. One of the most affordable ways to keep the horse lover happy is with a subscription to an equestrian magazine.  I’m going to start with a recommendation for Western Horseman magazine as this magazine has been dear to my heart since I was a young cowgirl living near Lafayette, California, the birthplace of Western Horseman magazine.

The legacy of Western Horseman began in 1936 near Lafayette, California, with founder Paul Albert’s vision for a magazine that would serve as a “voice for the horse.”  More than seven decades later, the magazine has moved to its current location in Fort Worth, Texas. Affectionately known as “Cowtown” and with its Western history tracing to the cattle drives of the Chisholm Trail, Fort Worth seems a fitting place for the magazine to continue the legacy established in 1936.

Through the years, Western Horseman has thrived due to its dedication to promoting the Western stock horse and the Western way of life. Scores of staff members, freelance writers, and various owners, publishers and editors have put their stamp on the magazine. All have shared a passion for horses. As a result, Western Horseman is still held in high regard by horsemen and women everywhere and can be found on coffee tables, in pick-up trucks, and in ranch bunkhouses wherever you find cowboys, cowgirls and horses.

Cowboys & Indians

Founded in 1993, Cowboys & Indians is an international magazine encompassing everything about the American West: history and legend, hardworking people, dramatic vistas, enduring values.

Designed to appeal to a wide audience of Western enthusiasts, Cowboys & Indians speaks to everyone from the people who live it, to those who simply love the Western lifestyle.

Of course, the West means more than, well, cowboys and Indians. The West is  a state of mind and a way of life. The West is chili cook-offs and haute cuisine, honky-tonks and pick up trucks, rodeos and Western art, faded blue jeans and designer belt buckles.

Look to Equine Journal to plan your next horseback riding vacation
Look to Equine Journal to plan your next horseback riding vacation

Equine Journal

For more than 20 years, Equine Journal has been the voice of the horse industry.

From cover to cover, Equine Journal is the source for horse enthusiasts, providing award-winning features and columns, as well as news and events from the area.

Horse Illustrated 11 2011 cover

Horse Illustrated

For 35 years, Horse Illustrated has served the horse owner by promoting the best in horse management, riding and training for all breeds and styles of riding. Along with their website,, Horse Illustrated provides the latest horse news plus information about equine health, nutrition, grooming  and all aspects of horse care, The magazine covers English and western training solutions, as well as breed profiles.

Horse & Rider

Horse & Rider Magazine

I don’t subscribe to Horse & Rider Magazine. In fact, the only horse magazine I subscribe to is Western Horseman, and, sad to say, my subscription will expire in 2011.  As a journalist, I feel bad that I will not be renewing my magazine subscription. Like all of us, I’ve been hit hard by the recession and with writing jobs hard to come by, I’m cutting my expenses wherever possible. How ironic that this travel writer can’t afford multiple magazine subscriptions.  Looks like I’ll click on the equestrian blogs that Horse & Rider offers on line; Editor Juli Thorson’s Horse Talk and On Staff at Horse & Rider, two young editors share what it is like to work at a horse magazine.

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Western Horseman magazine “Cowboy Christmas Eve” cover art by Jack Sorenson.

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