5 Photos Riding Horseback

More “between the ears” photos while riding horseback during my travels around the world.

I’m often quoted saying “nothing is better than seeing the world from the back of a horse.” For over five years I’ve been traveling the globe while riding horseback, combining my passion for travel with my love of horses. Below are some of my favorite between the ears photos taken during my horseback riding vacations.

"Paulina Creek" horseback riding
Horseback riding Paulina Creek, central Oregon

horseback riding "western Colorado"

Between the ears horseback vacation in Western Colorado

Thelma Poplar Beach HMB500x375
Horseback riding on the beach in Half Moon Bay, California

"between the ears" photo, horse, "Calaveras county"
Horseback riding in Calaveras county, California

horseback riding "Columbia Gorge" washington

Horseback riding in Washington’s Columbia Gorge.

Where have your travels taken you on horseback? Do you take between the ears photos when you are riding on holiday?

All photos by Equine Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown