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I’ve talked about the lack of beach riding access for equestrians previously on Writing Horseback. Not only are horse owners and ranch riders finding it more difficult to go horseback riding at public stables, the idea of riding horses on the beach is typically left to countries outside of the United States. Instead, our open space gives way to housing developments and shopping centers. On a positive note, four of the five places I review to go horseback riding on the beach are situated in California.

horseback riding, Cayucos,
Horseback riding in Morro Bay, California

Cayucos is a small beach town located on California’s central coast. Beginning and experienced riders are able to go horseback riding on the beach near Morro Bay with Outback Trail Rides.

horses, "Ireland"
Riding holiday in County Kerry, Ireland

On my bucket list of places to go on a horseback riding holiday is Ireland. A travel writer friend of mine went horseback riding on the beach in County Kerry, Ireland while on vacation with her family. They had little riding experience and had a wonderful time.

"Nancy D. Brown" "Nancy Brown" "Half Moon Bay"
Beach riding Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a great place to ride horses on the beach. Adventure seekers should dress warm, as the wind off the Pacific Ocean can often bring a chill to shore, along with pounding surf.

"Pebble Beach" horses
Horseback riding in Pebble Beach

Truth be told, I’m a Carmel wannabe. When I grow up, I want to live in Carmel, California – land of beautiful beaches and wealthy people. But as the saying goes, “bloom where you’re planted.” My roots are firmly planted in the San Francisco bay area and it is a beautiful place to live and ride horses. Another gorgeous place to ride horses is Pebble Beach in Monterey County. The Pebble Beach Equestrian Center offers trail rides to the general public and hosts horse shows and polo matches.

"Fort Bragg" California, horse
Nancy Brown riding on 10 Mile Beach, Ft Bragg

One of the best rides of my life was on Ten Mile Beach in Fort Bragg, California. I was visiting Mendocino for a travel article and asked a local if there was horseback riding offered in the area. I was directed to Ricochet Ridge Ranch and am forever grateful for that piece of travel advice. This ranch offers riding in the forest and on the beach in the same day!
Do you enjoy horseback riding on the beach? Do you have any recommendations for places to ride horses on the beach? I’d love to hear about your favorite riding experiences.
Article and photos by Equine Writer Nancy D. Brown. County Kerry beach ride photo courtesy of Jessie Voights of Wandering Educators.

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  1. There is another great beach ride in Pacific City, Oregon. Parking is easy its right in front of Haystack Rock which is an icon for the area. There are miles of beach with sand dunes and plenty of forested trails in the hills above the beach. While riding we have seen bald eagles, falcons, deer and once I think it could have been elk along the trail. There is a little trail that follows the Little Nestucca River that comes right into town for a fun ride. I believe there are a few horse stables if you are here for a visit. After a day of riding the Pelican Brewery in the parking lot has good food and crafted beer. You may have a short wait there on weekends and holidays. Definitely one of our favorite rides in Oregon.

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