Africa BBC DVD Review

"Kalahari leopard"
The Kalahari leopard is best captured from behind the camera lens on a horseback riding vacation in Africa.

Have you always wanted to travel to Africa, but didn’t have the time or the money to make the long trip?

BBC Home Entertainment recently released “AFRICA Eye to Eye with the Unknown” on DVD and Blu-ray.


Africa is home to some of the most beautiful, yet extreme habitats on earth. I have always wanted to travel to Africa and experience safari on a horseback riding vacation.  As of yet, I have not had the money or the time to make this travel destination a reality. With its endangered black rhinoceros, magnificent lions and rare Kalahari leopards, Emmy award nominee Michael Gunton and his team of filmmakers captured some amazing footage of life on the continent as you’ve never seen it before. The crew spent 100 days on horseback in Africa with 553 cameras and 6,526 anti-malarial tablets between them!

Horseback riding vacation in Africa

"Black Rhino"
Like horses and humans, this rare black rhino depends on water for its survival in Africa.

I can imagine what it must be like to go on a horseback riding vacation in the Serengeti. The movie Africa brought tears to my eyes when a mother elephant watched her baby sink to the ground, too weak from lack of food and water, unable to continue on with their migration for greener pastures.

I marveled at the two adult giraffe’s as they fought violently for the right to bred with the lone female in the area.  But I also loved the circle of life; the light hearted moments captured in scenes such as the ostrich chicks on their first travels to find water with mom and dad.

Water – liquid gold in Africa

Like horses and humans, all animals and plants, depend on water for their survival. Africa captures the fragile balance between life and death, feast and famine, in never before seen movies – the night camera’s footage of the black rhinos is heart warming.

"Namib Desert, Africa"
What do climate change and rising temperatures have to do with horseback riding in Africa?

Climate change and Africa

Have you traveled to Africa for a horseback riding vacation?

With the global challenges of climate change and rising temperatures facing planet Earth, what does this mean for the animals and people of Africa and their fight for survival?

I hope I am able to travel to Africa for a horseback riding holiday while the opportunity still exists. Until then, I will sit back and enjoy narrator Sir David Attenborough’s AFRICA on DVD in the comfort of my home – with plenty of food and clean, safe drinking water.

Where to Buy:

Africa 3 disc DVD set retails for $24.98 (on store shelves February 26, 2013)

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BBC Worldwide Americas supplied me with the Africa DVD for review. Kalahari leopard and Namib Desert photo courtesy Hugh Pearson. Black rhino photo courtesy of Paul Brehem.