American West Art Influences Broadmoor, Colorado

"L'Accolade" horse statue
L’Accolade bronze horse statue

Before the magnificent Broadmoor became a world-class resort in Colorado Springs it was home to the Broadmoor Dairy Farm. Prior to that, the Broadmoor, located at the base of Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain, was a ranch. Philip Anschutz, the Broadmoor’s third owner in the resort’s 93 year history, is a well known collector of American West art. On a recent visit to Colorado’s Broadmoor, I was fortunate to stay at the newly renovated Broadmoor West. American West art influences the Broadmoor, Colorado, as a large part of the Anschutz collection is on display at Broadmoor West and throughout the hotel.

"Remington" "The Rattlesnake"
Remington’s “The Rattlesnake” bronze horse sculpture

Surrounded by American West art at The Broadmoor

As I was escorted into Broadmoor West, I was swept up in the American Art of the West. As I took in the $57 million hotel redesign, my eyes were drawn to Frederic Remington’s “The Rattlesnake.” At 24 inches in height, Remington captures the detail of a cowboy grabbing his cowboy hat as his horse rears up in surprise from a coiled rattlesnake.
The bronze horse sculpture with greenish brown patina, may be an original or a high-end replica. Darlene Dueck, curator of the American Museum of Western Art in Denver and select security guards are able to distinguish replicas from originals. I was simply happy to be surrounded by paintings and sculptures of Colorado and American Art of the West.

"Remington" cowboys
Remington’s cowboys of the Wild West “Coming Through the Rye”

Western cowboy and painter Remington

Remington makes his appearance known in Broadmoor’s South building. The Remington Room is named after the Yale-educated New Yorker Frederic Remington. One of the greatest western painters and illustrators of his time, cowboy Frederic Remington captures the spirit of the American West like a wrangler roping a runaway calf while on horseback.
The bronze sculpture above “Coming Through the Rye” created by Frederic Remington, is an amazing western sculpture of cowboys on horseback that pushes Remington’s abilities of bronze casting. While it is difficult to tell in this photograph, Remington creates a sculpture of four horses running side-by-side with the outside horses running on air – hooves flying! If this isn’t a classic example of American West art, I don’t know what is.
For a chance to experience the American West at the Broadmoor in Colorado, take a horseback riding vacation in Colorado Springs. Once back at The Broadmoor, take out a sketch pad and let the American West art influence you while at Broadmoor, Colorado.

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Article and photos by Equine Writer Nancy D. Brown. I was a guest of the Broadmoor while researching this article on American West art.