Horses to Vines; Jamieson Ranch Vineyards

"Whiplash" Jamieson Ranch Vineyards
Whiplash greets guests at Jamieson Ranch Vineyards in Napa, California

A small heard of miniature horses will soon be trotting over to Jamieson Ranch Vineyards. The Napa, California-based winery has launched the Light Horse Foundation to help autistic and at-risk children with the introduction of therapy horses.

Light Horse wine

The southernmost winery in the  Napa Valley produces Light Horse wine and Reata wines. Priced at $15 per bottle, Light Horse wine benefits the Light Horse Foundation. Light Horse wine sounds like a winner for the horse lover who enjoys drinking wine for a good cause.

"Whiplash" Jamieson Ranch
Light Horse wine Jamieson Ranch Vineyards, Napa

Wine tasting at Jamieson Ranch Vineyards

Guests are able to visit Jamieson Ranch Vineyards, relax at the lodge-styled winery and taste wine (for an additional fee.)

For more information on Jamieson Ranch or the minature horses,  follow @JamiesonRanch on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter for all things travel.

If You Go:

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards (707) 254-8673

1 Kirkland Ranch Road, Napa, California 94558

Photos courtesy of Luxury Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown. All rights reserved.

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