Hotel Cheval, Equestrian Lodging in Paso Robles, California

hotel cheval, paso robles, california

Not everyone can afford to own a horse or has the time to commit to horse ownership. Yet we still like the smell of horses and being around horsey people. If this describes you, then add Hotel Cheval in Paso Robles to your “must visit” list when you are in Central California.

Hotel Cheval a Luxury Boutique Hotel

Situated smack dab between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Hotel Cheval is a luxury boutique hotel with an equestrian theme. This place is like taking a horseback riding vacation, only you don’t have to hop in the saddle or clean out the stall.  Hotel Cheval is more about luxury lodging, fine dining and wine tasting.

The 16 room Hotel Cheval has a mascot. He doesn’t wag his tail and he won’t be greeting you in the entry way. Instead, Chester swishes his tales and gives a snort once in awhile. Chester is a 2,000 pound Red Belgian draft horse. When he’s not consuming 60 pounds of hay and two pounds of rolled oats each day, he earned his keep by taking guests, via carriage, out to dinner in downtown Paso Robles. Keep in mind that Chester is semi-retired from his former life working the fields in Ohio’s Amish country. These days, Chester is taking a horseback riding vacation and has since retired. He’s enjoying his time at Harris Stage Lines.

hotel cheval, horse, paso robles, california
Hotel Cheval Library

It’s no suprise that the hotel rooms are named for famous horses such as Hightower, a bay race horse. Nightly turndown service features horse shoe-shaped chocolates and the Do Not Disturb door hanger resembles horse tails. The rooms have California king beds, flatscreen TVs and large bathrooms.

hotel cheval, pony club bar, paso robles, california
Pony Club Bar in the shape of horse shoe.

The Pony Club is the hotel’s on-site wine bar. We are in Paso Robles wine country, afterall. Did I mention that the zinc bar is in the shape of a horseshoe?

Of course the Hotel Cheval is pet-friendly. There is a $30 charge per pet per day, but that includes a welcome treat, a pet bed and food and water bowls. Hotel room rates start at $225 weekdays and $325 on weekends.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Cheval

Hotel Cheval 1 (866) 522-6999
1021 Pine St.  Paso Robles, California

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2 thoughts on “Hotel Cheval, Equestrian Lodging in Paso Robles, California”

  1. Being a horse-loving “tom-boy” at heart, being in the city kind of ‘tenses’ me up.
    To me, what could be more soothing than the ‘smell’ of horses and leather. And
    the calming effect of just petting a horse, and for some reason, especially a “big”
    draft horse, well, it’s magical.

    It’s wonderful to know, that even in a busy urban area, you could find a place that
    encourages our ‘equine addiction’ without an obligation of hours on dusty trails
    and sore, un-used muscle aches. I tend to use my vacation time as quickly as
    I acrue it, so rarely would I have the ‘luxury’ of a whole week or two saved up
    to spend 24/7 with some horsey pals, but to be able to just spend a nice, pampered weekend or even an evening, riding in a carriage, smelling the ‘horsey’
    smells (you know..!) hearing the ‘creak’ of harness leather and big, steady
    hoofbeats, well, that would be very relaxing to me!

    I guess what I’m saying is, next time I’m anywhere near Central California, I’m
    checking this place out! Look out Chester, here I come!

  2. Sounds absolutely enchanting. My idea of a “fairy tale” location. I’m ready to pack my bags. Thanks for the info.

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