Plus Size Clothing for Cowgirls

rodeo queens
Oregon rodeo queens

Let’s face it, when you think of cowgirls, you think of rodeo queens. Tall, slim  bombshells with long, flowing hair wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots, shiny belt buckles, cowboy hats and million dollar smiles.

That doesn’t mean that us plus size cowgirls don’t want to look good in our western wear clothes. On the contrary, we prefer to wear contemporary clothing styles that are fashionable and comfortable. Praise the Lord for Rock 47 by Wrangler and Wrangler Q-Baby riding jeans. These shirts and pants come in regular and plus sizes.

Wrangler Rock 47 shirt
Wrangler Rock 47 shirt

Plus size clothing for cowgirls

As I specialize in equine travel writing and am currently wearing plus size clothing, the folks at Wrangler sent me a Rock 47 western shirt and Q-baby jeans to review. Wrangler wants to make every woman, no matter her size, feel like a rock star.

Rock 47 women’s western shirt

The rust and yellow plaid western shirt by Rock 47 features silver and gold embroidery with a fancy bronze and gold applique on the back of the shirt. The crystal snap closures can be worn closed, or for more freedom of movement, I wear a solid colored short sleeve shirt inside the long sleeved shirt and leave the front open. I prefer riding with long sleeved shirts, no matter the weather, to protect my skin from bugs and UV rays.

The shirt is made of 100% cotton, is machine washable and stays true to size. While this particular shirt may no longer be available on the Wrangler site, the company does offer several styles of plus size clothes.

Riding jeans

Whether you ride English, Western, gymkhana, barrel race or simply enjoy a horseback riding vacation in the outdoors, nothing beats a comfortable pair of riding jeans.

I am a fan of knit, stretch denim jeans, but durable cotton (with a little bit of Spandex) is often necessary out on the trail. I learned my lesson on a horseback riding vacation at Rancho de los Caballeros in Wickenburg, Arizona.

After a minor run in with some saguaro cactus, my knit pants looked liked a herd of cats had their way with me – they were shredded up and down my legs. Note to self – always travel with a pair of Wrangler denim jeans.

Wrangler jeans
The ultimate riding jean

Ultimate riding jean

On those days when you want to look like a cowgirl, slip on a pair of Q-Baby riding jeans. These Wrangler jeans, with a cowgirl cut, are the ultimate riding jean with a very comfortable waistband.

Q-Baby jeans come in regular and plus sizes. If you were not blessed with height on your side, you will probably have to shorten your jeans. On some Q-Baby styles the shortest seam is 34 inches – five inches too long for my “petite” frame.
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Article written by Nancy D. Brown. Rodeo Queen photo courtesy of Equine Writer Nancy D. Brown. Wrangler supplied me with this Western apparel for review. As always, all opinions are my own.