Riding Helmets Save Lives – Troxel Helmet Review

Troxel Riding Helmet
Riding Helmets Save Lives – Troxel Helmet Review

Whether you ride English or Western, for pleasure, endurance ride or show, you know a rider must always be prepared to get dumped from her horse.  In fact, as of April 1, 2013, helmets only will be the rule for all United States Equestrian Federation events.

Some equestrians have more experience on how to properly bail from a bucking horse or how to tuck, roll and land as safely as possible in the event of a fall. Of course, there are horseback riders among us who have never been thrown, bucked or fallen from the back of a horse. Unfortunately, I am not one of those riders.  I am a rider who knows first-hand, the importance of wearing a riding helmet. Truth is, riding helmets save lives!

Horseback riding safety tips

I come to horseback riding from the western pleasure side of life.  I grew up riding horses and wearing cowboy hats at horse shows.  While cowboy hats are an essential piece of riding equipment for Western riders, as are jeans and boots, a cowboy hat made of straw or felt is not going to protect your head if it slams to the ground or collides with a fence. I’m not trying to scare anyone with this post, but ignorance is not bliss when it comes to protecting body parts. Accidents sometimes happen while horseback riding, no matter how experienced the rider.

trade your hat for a helmet
Trade your cowboy hat for a helmet

Troxel Equestrian Helmets

My first riding helmet was one of those English riding helmets, covered in black velvet. Riding helmets have come a long way since my youth. Troxel makes helmets for English and Western riders that are lightweight and low profile.  From schooling helmets, to show helmets, there is an equestrian helmet for every type of rider.

Troxel Legacy Gold Helmet

I own the Troxel Legacy Gold all purpose helmet. With hunt cap styling, this riding helmet is marketed to English riders looking for durable and sleek headgear protection. As a California-based equestrian, I like this riding helmet for the ventilation – seven mesh covered vents. The latest Troxel helmets also come with a removable, washable headliner.

Riding helmet fit

The key to a good helmet is proper fit. With Troxel’s CinchFit Pro, the helmet naturally adjusts to the shape and size of the riders head.  Remember, if you have been in a riding accident, make sure to re-evaluate your helmet. When in doubt, purchase a new helmet. I’m not saying this as a shill for Troxel Helmets; I am speaking as an equestrian and mother. Suggested retail value of Troxel Legacy Gold Helmet, $79.95. Check website for pricing.

For more information on riding helmets for equestrians,  follow Troxel Helmets on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter for all things travel.

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  1. This is a keeper! Good info! “Riding Helmets Save Lives – Troxel Helmet Review” – interesting title Nancy. Congratulations again on a good job Nancy.

  2. I just wanted to applaud your article in trying to wake people up to the true need for wearinj helmets when riding. I grew up on horses and never wore any kind of hat, just didn’t like them. (And luckily only suffered two mild concussions during that time.) Then, I attended horsemanship classes in my late teens, hunt seat and dressage with a lovely woman from England, who trained at the famed Horse Masters Academy. You didn’t even come around the horses, let alone ride one without your helmet on was her rule and with good reason. They help when a horse unexpectedly strikes out and clips you in the head as well as protection from a fall. Now it’s my rule. No one goes near my horses without a helmet, my grandkids do not know what it is to ride without one. It’s like wearing your seatbelt in my book, you probably won’t be involved in an accident, but my God, if you are, your chances of survival are FAR greater with one on. The same with a safety helmet around horses. It’s just not smart not to wear one.

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