War Horse, Not Typical Horseback Riding Vacation

War Horse - not your usual horseback riding vacation. Photo courtesy of  Dreamworks via Empire online.
War Horse – not your usual horseback riding vacation. Photo courtesy of Dreamworks via Empire online.

From Disney’s Secretariat horse racing movie to Director Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, coming to movie theaters December 2011, horse lovers of all ages cheer on athletic and magnificent horses.

War Horse is a story of a young man named Albert and his faithful horse, Joey. Albert’s horse is sold to the cavalry during World War One and Albert sets off to France to bring back Joey, his war hero. To read of the true stories of real War Horses brings tears to my eyes.

Horseback Riding Vacation in Devon, England

As a young girl, I read James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small book series and watched the movie, filmed in North Yorkshire, England. Visions of horseback riding vacations to quaint villages in the United Kingdom didn’t dance in my head, but they certainly trotted along in my dreams. I imagined myself riding horseback while jumping over bales of hay and rock walls.

Parts of author Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse novel were filmed in windswept moorland of south Devon, England.  Morpurgo’s village of Iddesleigh, near Dartmoor, also play supporting roles in the Spielberg movie, as do British actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, David Thewlis and Emily Watson.

Here is a War Horse movie trailer that will get the cavalry mounted and ready to roll. Bring the tissue, this is going to be a tear-jerker.

What are your favorite equestrian novels or movies? What are your favorite things to do in Devon, England?

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Publicity photo and movie trailer courtesy of Dreamworks via Empireonline.com

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  1. Sorry, you’ve got your information wrong. They didn’t film War Horse at Iddesleigh. That’s on the north side of Dartmoor. All the Devon filming was done on the south side of Dartmoor, round Sheepstor and Meavy. For toher filming locations, see the Wikipedia page on War Horse (film). Morpurgo did film a cameo, mind you – though he’s not sure whether it’ll make the final cut.

  2. ‘Rock wall fences’?? What’s wrong with just ‘rock walls’? Love the way Americans mangle the English language.

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